The 2019 Snowbike Gathering

Check out the website for the 3rd annual Snowbike Gathering!

2018 Series

S05E19 – Timbersled vs Yeti Jumps & Cost of Ownership

Wrapping up our 2018 Timbersled vs. Yeti shootout, this video contains two topics. Jumps and drops for amateurs and overall cost of ownership.

S05E18 – TS vs Yeti ~ In the Powder Hills and...

Scott & Andrew reflect on a season of riding their Timbersled ARO 137 and their Yeti 129 SS and how the two compare in...

S05E17 – Breaking Stuff & Towing a Snowbike

There are all kinds of breakdowns that can happen in the backcountry. Knowing how to tow a snowbike (and having the right gear) can...

S05E16 – Snowbike Donut Tips

We're not what you would call gifted riders, but we do like doing donuts. Here's what we have figured out so far.

S05E15 – Long Track Shootout (Set-Up Snow)

Timbersled ARO 137 vs. 2016 Yeti 137 in somewhat set-up snow. How do the bikes compare? Does it even matter? Sunny day footage -...

S05E14 – Long Track Shootout (Fluffy Snow)

Just for fun we are comparing our 2018 Timbersled ARO Long Track and our 2017 Yeti Long Track. On the trail, hill climbing, and...

S05E13 – Saws & Chest Armour

Here's a quick video where we see the importance of carrying a saw, and wearing chest armour.

S05E12 – GPS, Motorfist, Sewn Loops, 2 Way Radios

Another sunny day with some riding footage, a GPS navigation chat, Motorfist review, using sewn loops to help you get unstuck, and introducing our...

S05E11 – Timbersled vs. Yeti – On The Trail

Getting Unstuck, Sunny Riding Footage, Timbersled vs. Yeti On the Trail

S05E10 – The Snowbike Gathering

Come check out the footage! You may also want to take a look at the event website.

S05E09 – Timbersled Vs. Yeti Round #1 – Powder Meadows

Giant Loop Luggage System, TS vs Yeti Round #1 - In the Powder Meadows, our cool little Kenwood Radios, and Mach Chickn!

S05E08 – Official Weigh In & Camso Initial Impressions

Three identical bikes with different tracks get properly weighed. The difference are sizable! We also share some initial impressions of the Camso 19 DTS.

S05E07 – Search & Rescue – Oops

Oh, what a day! A fried clutch, towing a snowbike, troubles battery boosting, and we initiated an accidental Search & Rescue Event. Yikes! Vernon Search...

S05E06 – Recovery Slings, Turbo Points, Yeti 137 vs 129 SS

Recovery Slings, Picking Up Turbo Points, and Yeti 137 vs 129 SS Editor Shame - Somehow the audio got a tiny bit out of sequence...

S05E05 – Let’s Ride!

In this episode: PDF Downloads, Broken Stuff, and Old TS Ski (bad) vs. New TS Ski (good).

Timbersled vs. Yeti ~ Multiple Seasons

Let's Ride! (Our Sketchy Mini-Series from 2017)

Let’s Ride E07 ~ Timbersled Ski Revival

Our TS ski was not handling the way it could, but now it is WAY better! We also take a look at some headset...

Let’s Ride E06 ~ Frankenbikes!

Frankenbikes! A Maico 700cc 2-stroke and a Husaberg 650 with nitrous, need we say more? Also some cool stuff from Choko / Icerock.

Let’s Ride E05 Husky 350 Timbersled Review & Tobe Boots

It's time to do a proper review of the Husqvarna FE 350 as a snowbike. Mated with a Timbersled Long-Track this has proven to...

Let’s Ride E04 ~ 2017 Yeti Snow MX Long Track Review

At last our formal review of the 2017 Yeti Snow MX Long Track (LE). Can you feel the love? We also take an initial quick...

Let’s Ride E03 ~ Shame!

Check out this fun video of us NOT RIDING! You'll see.

Let’s Ride E02 ~ 2017 Timbersled Long Track Review

A fairly in-depth review of the 2017 Timbersled Long Track and a quick review of some nifty heated gloves from Choko Designs.

Let’s Ride Episode 01

Episode 01 of Let's Ride covers some sub-alpine riding, a review of a seat from Seat Concepts, and some early season stuck and crash...

Product Reviews

GoPro Chin Mount by Dango

These appear to be a great idea for mounting your GoPro for immersive filming while you are snowbiking. We just ordered two of these and...

Silky Zubat Saw

Let's face the truth. The inexpensive folding saws that we buy to help get us out of a bind are terrible, and we all...

Rev-Up Gas Can Cover

Giant Loop Mojave Bags

Tobe Privus Mono Suit

Garmin Rhino 650 GPS

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