Meet the Contenders


Two Identical Bikes

2017 Husqvarna FC 450’s with the best ski and track kits from Timbersled, and Yeti Snow MX. We asked them to sell us their best, and that’s what we are comparing – all season long.

Meet the Swedish Twins – Helga & Anna

Helga the Timbersled

Helga is drool worthy for any seasoned snowbiker. A brand new FC 450 mated with the best mountain platform that Timbersled offers – an LT 137 Limited Edition with TSS. We know Helga will be top-notch as we have been riding TS for 4 years now.

Anna the Yeti

In comes Anna, the beautiful twin and challenger from Yeti Snow MX. Yeti’s top of the line ski, mountain track (137), and RSS rear shock.

Otherwise an exact twin to Helga, people wonder how Anna will compare? Can you have stellar performance, light weight, and longevity from something so beautiful? Is Anna too good to be true?

We are going to find out, and film our journey.

Bike Modification & Addition Notes for Sharing

Each bike has undergone the exact same snowbike conversion complete with matching add-ons. Here is an inventory.

  • Riders Edge ‘A’ Bar Clamp with Gauge & Handguard Mounts (fits Fastway Handguards)
  • Riders Edge 1.75″ Over Stock Risers
  • Trail Tech TTO Digital Temperature Gauge
  • Fastway Pro Moto Billet Handguards
  • Riders Edge Thermostat & Housing
  • Riders Edge Light Mounting Bracket
  • Speed Demon 1080 Lumen Light Bar
  • STR Aluminum Radiator Guards (With Blockers)
  • Riders Edge Snowbike Footpegs
  • Riders Edge Suspension Snowbike Fork Set-Up
  • Riders Edge Big Boy Shifter Kit
  • Husqvarna Skid Plate
  • P3 Carbon Fiber Exhaust Guard
  • Giant Loop MoJavi Saddlebags
  • Rev-Up Tank Bag Covers (Timbersled Only)
  • Garmin Rino 650 Mount

Also noteworthy is that we picked up both of the track kits from Innerspace Watersports who thankfully carry both Timbersled and Yeti SnowMX!

Head to Head Videos Coming Soon!


  1. Got my own thought as i have ridden both. Have a buddy who is on the 17 129 yeti and had an earlier version yeti before as well as a timbersled . His opinion is the track and shock change on the 17 yeti are big improvements. can’t wait to hear what you guys think.

    Cheers frank

  2. This article was originally posted in September, but we have made some tweaks noteworthy enough to promote this to the main news feed. Head to head filming starts this week. 🙂