Early Season Stucks with Trailer & MaxTrax to the Rescue!


We ditched the Vernon Snow MX rig both yesterday and today! We got a bit greedy, but we often do so knowing that we can get El Macho (Truck) and El Burrito (Trailer) out of most situations all by ourselves.

We have a big winch on the front, which is amazing of course. Lots of people have them, or have used them and know how helpful they can be.

Not a lot of people know about MaxTrax though. This is our second year of using these babies (we have 4) and they are nothing short of amazing. In addition to using them when we get stuck, we regularly pull them out to help others along the road.

“You can always move at least 3 feet in any direction.”

These were not easy for us to find in Canada last year so we ordered out of the USA. ┬áHere is the manufacturer’s website if you want to take a look. [LINK]


  1. Truly amazed by the maxtrax and how they helped us get moving again. Once the truck had traction again we used them to keep the trailer tracking straight as it wanted to slide all over with the wet slick snow.