Two snowbikes. One has a comfy seat, the other is stock.

Pretty, but harsh seat.

“Anna”, our beautiful and sleek Husqvarna 450 Yeti LT, is a truely something to look at, and to ride – as long as you are standing. No fault to Yeti at all, it’s all about the hard as hell seat that comes stock with these bikes. Stock seats are not comfy. The longer the day, or the more trail riding you have to endure, the more you are beating your own ass unnecessarily. “Anna” needs an upgrade.

“Helga” on the other hand, another Husqvarna 450 but sporting a Timbersled ARO has a nice, comfy, and inviting saddle from Seat Concepts.

Andrew and I switch bikes every 10 to 30 minutes. It’s fun to compare the largely identical snowbikes and do comparisons between between the track kits. What I found to be very interesting is that when I calmed down for a minute and decided to sit, I knew exactly what bike I prefer to be on “right now” and that was the one with the comfy seat – and by a sizable margin.

These seats make a big difference when it comes to overall comfort, and subsequently the overall fun to be had throughout the day.

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