Hello AK Technologies!


I got a first hand look at the Timbersled Tail Light made by AK Technologies today, and as it happens, their website just went online! Here are some quick notes about the light bar and a link to their website if you want the full story. LINK


About “AK” and His New Company

Andrew Kramer
Electrical Engineering Technologist & Owner

From a young age, Andrew has been actively involved in outdoor motorsports. He has been riding dirtbikes for nearly twenty years, both competitively and recreationally. When snowbikes became available, he was up in the mountains, combining his love for riding with the beautiful scenery of Alberta and British Columbia.

Andrew’s enthusiasm for technical riding inspired him to design innovative and unique products to enhance his outdoor experience. He founded AK Technologies in 2016 and his designs have caught the attention of companies worldwide.

LED Tail Light – Manufacturer Details

  • Constructed from 6061 aluminium rod with a half-inch Lexan lens.
  • Outside LEDs running tail, inside LEDs caliper functioned brake light via banjo bolt switch (12Vdc 100mA).
  • Fits all ST and LT model Timbersleds.
  • Available in ‘Aluminium’ or ‘Anodized Black’.
  • Custom LED colours upon request.
  • Retail Price $199 – $214.99 CAN

Available Online at TheSnowbikeShop.com.