Tag: 2018 Series

S05E11 – Timbersled vs. Yeti – On The Trail

Getting Unstuck, Sunny Riding Footage, Timbersled vs. Yeti On the Trail

S05E10 – The Snowbike Gathering

Come check out the footage! You may also want to take a look at the event website. www.TheSnowbikeGathering.com

S05E09 – Timbersled Vs. Yeti Round #1

Giant Loop Luggage System, TS vs Yeti Round #1 - In the Powder Meadows, our cool little Kenwood Radios, and Mach Chickn!

S05E08 – Official Weigh In & Camso Initial Impressions

Three identical bikes with different tracks get properly weighed. The difference are sizable! We also share some initial impressions of the Camso 19 DTS.

S05E07 – Search & Rescue – Oops

Oh, what a day! A fried clutch, towing a snowbike, troubles battery boosting, and we initiated an accidental Search & Rescue Event. Yikes! Vernon Search...

S05E05 – Let’s Ride!

In this episode: PDF Downloads, Broken Stuff, and Old TS Ski (bad) vs. New TS Ski (good).

S05E04 – Yeti 129 SS Initial Impressions

Unleash the little and skinny Yeti 129 SS. OMG! How does a snowbike with a short and narrow track find its way into our stable?...

S05E03 > Timbersled ARO LT LE Initial Impressions

We've spend a bunch of time on "Helga" our 2017 Husqvarna 450 FC with a 2018 Timbersled Long Track Limited Edition (Rear Shock) and...

It’s Filming Time!

Warren from Okanagan Drone Productions may have some cool filming gear, and he "may" be a bit of a video ninja, but make no...

Fundamental Modifications for Snowbikes

The Snowbike Shop has a helpful article for people looking to get their bike set-up for snow. A must read! The Snowbike Shop Open Blog Post...