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S05E09 – Timbersled Vs. Yeti Round #1

Giant Loop Luggage System, TS vs Yeti Round #1 - In the Powder Meadows, our cool little Kenwood Radios, and Mach Chickn!

S05E08 – Official Weigh In & Camso Initial Impressions

Three identical bikes with different tracks get properly weighed. The difference are sizable! We also share some initial impressions of the Camso 19 DTS.

S05E03 > Timbersled ARO LT LE Initial Impressions

We've spend a bunch of time on "Helga" our 2017 Husqvarna 450 FC with a 2018 Timbersled Long Track Limited Edition (Rear Shock) and...

Timbersled vs. Yeti ~ Final Throwdown 2017

Here's the final review of our 2017 Timbersled LT LE (Helga) vs our 2017 Yeti LT LE (Anna). Both machines were great, but there...

Timbersled vs Yeti E02 ~ Carvin’ Marvin

Vernon Snow MX takes on the challenge of comparing two otherwise identical bikes (2017 Husky FC 450s). One with a Timbersled LT LE, the...

Let’s Ride E02 ~ 2017 Timbersled Long Track Review

A fairly in-depth review of the 2017 Timbersled Long Track and a quick review of some nifty heated gloves from Choko Designs.

Meet the Contenders

Two Identical Bikes 2017 Husqvarna FC 450's with the best ski and track kits from Timbersled, and Yeti Snow MX. We asked them to sell us...

Maico 700cc Timbersled

Mike Klopp is the guy with the plan. He's taking the biggest 2 stoke available, then matching it with a Timbersled. This is not an...

FLASHBACK > Sled Gimps S03E07 – Park Mountain & Yeti Ski...

We upgraded from our original 2013 Timbersled Skis to 2016 Yeti skis and the change is amazing – particularly on the hard pack. We’re...

The Last Days of Winter 2015 – GoPro Hero4 – Sweet...

From White Horse Photography Riding in Washington State Cascades - March 2015 Yamaha YZ450F - Timbersled Mountain Horse 2014 LT Gopro backpack mount





S05E05 – Let’s Ride!

Hello AK Technologies!