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S05E19 – Timbersled vs Yeti Jumps & Cost of Ownership

Wrapping up our 2018 Timbersled vs. Yeti shootout, this video contains two topics. Jumps and drops for amateurs and overall cost of ownership.

S05E18 – TS vs Yeti ~ In the Powder Hills and...

Scott & Andrew reflect on a season of riding their Timbersled ARO 137 and their Yeti 129 SS and how the two compare in...

S05E15 – Long Track Shootout (Set-Up Snow)

Timbersled ARO 137 vs. 2016 Yeti 137 in somewhat set-up snow. How do the bikes compare? Does it even matter? Sunny day footage -...

S05E09 – Timbersled Vs. Yeti Round #1 – Powder Meadows

Giant Loop Luggage System, TS vs Yeti Round #1 - In the Powder Meadows, our cool little Kenwood Radios, and Mach Chickn!

S05E08 – Official Weigh In & Camso Initial Impressions

Three identical bikes with different tracks get properly weighed. The difference are sizable! We also share some initial impressions of the Camso 19 DTS.

S05E05 – Let’s Ride!

In this episode: PDF Downloads, Broken Stuff, and Old TS Ski (bad) vs. New TS Ski (good).

S05E04 – Yeti 129 SS Initial Impressions

Unleash the little and skinny Yeti 129 SS. OMG! How does a snowbike with a short and narrow track find its way into our stable?...

Timbersled vs. Yeti ~ Final Throwdown 2017

Here's the final review of our 2017 Timbersled LT LE (Helga) vs our 2017 Yeti LT LE (Anna). Both machines were great, but there...

Timbersled vs Yeti E02 ~ Carvin’ Marvin

Vernon Snow MX takes on the challenge of comparing two otherwise identical bikes (2017 Husky FC 450s). One with a Timbersled LT LE, the...

Let’s Ride E04 ~ 2017 Yeti Snow MX Long Track Review

At last our formal review of the 2017 Yeti Snow MX Long Track (LE). Can you feel the love? We also take an initial quick...



S05E05 – Let’s Ride!

Garmin Rhino 650 GPS

Silky Zubat Saw