Giant Loop Mojavi Bags


A lot of people are keen to get some weight off of their backs, and onto their bike or track.

Adding weight to the bike affords the cargo to be above all suspension. This is good I am told. Adding weight to the track is considered “unsprung weight” and may not be as good. This, of course, does not matter if you are not running a shock between your bike and track, as many people do not.

We bought our first pairĀ of the Giant Loop Mojavi bags in the spring of 2016 and rode with them on our Husky 501s on a bunch of adventures – particularly long or over-mountain rides where we felt more gear should be packed. They worked great.

Today was our first ride on the snowbikes with another pair of Mojavi bags. They mated up with the FC 450s with the provided straps, and they are solid. We managed to put a pile of stuff in there – basically everything other than our shovels and probes.

On the drive home we both noted how nice it was to have the weight off of our backs, and neither of us found them to get in the way what-so-ever. I expect to see a bunch of people running these bags on their snowbikes in the very near future. People just need to know that they are available.

You can check these out locally at Riders Edge Suspension, or get them online at

Our cost us somewhere around $270 before taxes, so they are not the low cost solution, but they do the job that we are looking for, and you can always move them over to your summer activities.