1. First ride on Sun worked well still need to tweek the set up on the track bit front end heavy. It took me every were I wanted to go. I have it on a KTM 300 xcw also worked well

  2. We followed Calvin from Sicamous on his Camso today at Queest. He was rippin’ and noted that the track is amazing. Also noteworthy, Calvin rides almost every day, and is already at ~20 rides (it’s only December 22).

  3. Just a Canadian tire special with a strap to hold it on. I might need to have 2 as I went through 16l last ride.
    The 2 stroke is a bit thirsty.

  4. Hey all
    Not sure if you all herd but there is a recall on the track kit. there is a spring that is too long and it can hit the track. Mine has done that and damaged some of the inside lugs. check it out with you dealer.