Let’s Ride E05 Husky 350 Timbersled Review & Tobe Boots


It’s time to do a proper review of the Husqvarna FE 350 as a snowbike. Mated with a Timbersled Long-Track this has proven to be a pretty good steed. Also, check out the review of these fancy new boots from Tobe.


  1. Hey Guys, Great videos! Thanks for the info! I’ve been looking at the FC350 for Dirt and Snow, wondering if
    Warren’s FE350 has run with short track 120 or Yeti 129? Thinking with the less weight and less track to turn, it might perform better.

    • One of our local snowbike enthusiasts Helmut (Helmut’s Sausage Kitchen) loves his 350 with a Yeti Track. A great set-up and it is WAY lighter! Plus the efficiency of a Yeti. A killer snowbike, and a manageable dirt bike. Do it!