Maico 700cc Timbersled “The Beast” Unleashed


Mike Klopp has hit the mountains on his new Maico 700cc 2 Stroke, and first impressions are solid, to say the least.

While he has yet to try it in deep powder (a bit early in the season for that), Mike did note that the bike pulls hard, doesn’t power out once out of the power band, and has tons of jam, even on steep hills. Basically, this thing is a monster.

One of Mike’s concerns had to to with starting. Kicking over a 700cc 2 stroke in the cold could end up taking the fun out of the day, but he has it dialed in, and starting on the first kick every time.

He has taken his eye off of other snow bikes, and is pretty pumped to lay waste to some sledders this winter.

We can wait to see this thing go! Thanks for the update Mike!!