Riding Yeti Snowbikes with Megs Braap


Hey guys! I have been planning a winter snowbike trip for the past few months here. We will be heading out to Revelstoke at the end of the month for some epic riding, filming, and shooting for a story I’m doing in Traction eRag magazine. A local tour guiding/snowbike rental company is sponsoring the event and will be providing us with some beautiful Husqvarna motorcycles with Yeti snowbike kits. We are also getting our hands on some machines from one of my local dealers, Valley Moto Sport.

Here is some footage I got when I went out to test a couple of the snowbikes and try to learn how to ride them! I also wanted to test out my snow gear to make sure that everything was going to work nicely when we are out doing our shoot at the end of the month. I am completely in love with this sport already. I can’t get enough of it! It is even more fun than it looks….can you even imagine?? I am counting down the days until we get to go out again!

Thanks for watching and stay tuned from some unreal footage after christmas!

Megan Griffiths Enduro