Polaris RZR RS1 POV Driven Hard, Partial Review, and Crash!


The plan for this ride was to go for a rip and test out the filming with a GoPro and Dango Chin Mount in the new RZR RS1. I wanted to see if the camera position was good, and if the audio worked. Possibly get some B roll for future videos.

As you will see I was driving rather aggressively. The route is very familiar to me and has great lines of sight for going fast. What may have turned into a more thorough review video ended rather abruptly as I clipped a tree with the front left tire. The damage is extensive and has a repair cost of $2k. I think I will slow things down on future rides through forest trails.

2018 RZR RS1 Review Notes

– Amazing Power

– Killer Suspension

– Great Handling

– Absolutely Thrilling to Drive

The RS1 feels like what I imagine a trophy truck would feel like, and for a very small portion of the cost.

Our wives also love driving the RS1. You don’t need to go stupid fast to have fun. Everybody is all grins.

Soundtrack: Kranked 4 Mountain Bike Video. Used with only praise for them in lieu of actual permission.