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S05E19 – Timbersled vs Yeti Jumps & Cost of Ownership

Wrapping up our 2018 Timbersled vs. Yeti shootout, this video contains two topics. Jumps and drops for amateurs and overall cost of ownership.

S05E18 – TS vs Yeti ~ In the Powder Hills and...

Scott & Andrew reflect on a season of riding their Timbersled ARO 137 and their Yeti 129 SS and how the two compare in...

S05E17 – Breaking Stuff & Towing a Snowbike

There are all kinds of breakdowns that can happen in the backcountry. Knowing how to tow a snowbike (and having the right gear) can...

S05E16 – Snowbike Donut Tips

We're not what you would call gifted riders, but we do like doing donuts. Here's what we have figured out so far.

S05E15 – Long Track Shootout (Set-Up Snow)

Timbersled ARO 137 vs. 2016 Yeti 137 in somewhat set-up snow. How do the bikes compare? Does it even matter? Sunny day footage -...

S05E14 – Long Track Shootout (Fluffy Snow)

Just for fun we are comparing our 2018 Timbersled ARO Long Track and our 2017 Yeti Long Track. On the trail, hill climbing, and...

S05E13 – Saws & Chest Armour

Here's a quick video where we see the importance of carrying a saw, and wearing chest armour.

S05E12 – GPS, Motorfist, Sewn Loops, 2 Way Radios

Another sunny day with some riding footage, a GPS navigation chat, Motorfist review, using sewn loops to help you get unstuck, and introducing our...

S05E11 – Timbersled vs. Yeti – On The Trail

Getting Unstuck, Sunny Riding Footage, Timbersled vs. Yeti On the Trail

S05E10 – The Snowbike Gathering

Come check out the footage! You may also want to take a look at the event website. www.TheSnowbikeGathering.com

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