Tag: Clothing

S07E17 – Bomber Day & Recent Back Injuries

Super sunny amazing day. Chat about recent back injuries and protective equipment. Mentioned - Brace Layer https://www.bracelayer.com/

S07E15 – Bomber Day Snowbiking in Deep Snow and Sunshine

We have been given great snow all year, but no sunshine - until today that is!

S07E11 – Snowbiking Revelstoke BC!

This adventure is "Content Rich"!

S05E13 – Saws & Chest Armour

Here's a quick video where we see the importance of carrying a saw, and wearing chest armour.

S05E12 – GPS, Motorfist, Sewn Loops, 2 Way Radios

Another sunny day with some riding footage, a GPS navigation chat, Motorfist review, using sewn loops to help you get unstuck, and introducing our...

Gear Heads ~ Choko One Piece Suit Review

Craig Moore of Choko offered us this sweet new one piece that they are working on (pre-production) so we could give it the once...

Tobe Privus Mono Suit

Wearing a one piece outer shell is pretty cool given it's simplicity, but do you really want to give up the option of taking...