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S07E13 – Turbo Snowbike with 122 HP – OMG!

Turbo Jeff let us ride his stunning snowbike. Wow!

S07E10 – Best Snowbike Track Kit Ever!

After a day of following, and first-hand testing, we think Mike Klopp has built the best Snowbike track kit ever! Start with a 129...

Let’s Ride E06 ~ Frankenbikes!

Frankenbikes! A Maico 700cc 2-stroke and a Husaberg 650 with nitrous, need we say more? Also some cool stuff from Choko / Icerock.

Maico 700cc Timbersled

Mike Klopp is the guy with the plan. He's taking the biggest 2 stoke available, then matching it with a Timbersled. This is not an...