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S07E16 – Snowbikes with Brakes, and Without Brakes. What a difference!

We have been living with non-functional brakes for several years now on our 2018 and 2019 Yeti track kits. Hopefully this gets resolved soon! Today...

S07E15 – Bomber Day Snowbiking in Deep Snow and Sunshine

We have been given great snow all year, but no sunshine - until today that is!

S06E06 – “Throwdown Turns” + Race Gas!

Engine temperature management, race gas, heated handlebars, throwdown turns, skill enhancement, and more! Ridden, filmed, edited, and launched all on January 5th. Yeah!

S06E05 – Let’s Ride Some Advanced Terrain!

We swarmed across Nelson Mountain with 6 snowbikers today. Lighting was flat (poopy!) and our goggles kept getting crystals on them so we could...

Shop Talk Episode 01

Our first crack in a new format covering 4 topics. 1) Best Ways to Build Power 2) Engine Temperature Management 3) Post Ride Inspection Items 4) Service Intervals

Shop Talk ~ Initial Service

WE BLEW IT! We like doing short videos that pack some good intel, along with a side of humor. What you are about to watch...

Sample Bike Build with Riders Edge Suspension

Ian McKill of Riders Edge Suspension walks through one of Vernon Snow MX's 2017 bike builds and offers insights as to why each selection...

Vernon Snow MX S04E01 > BC Snow Show Coverage

We're snow bikers. When we go to a big show, we look at snowbike stuff. Here's what's going on in one of the hottest...

Sled Gimps S02E03 – Broken Bike :/

Riding with Ian and Dava. Dava's bike no workie.