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Let’s Ride E06 ~ Frankenbikes!

Frankenbikes! A Maico 700cc 2-stroke and a Husaberg 650 with nitrous, need we say more? Also some cool stuff from Choko / Icerock.

Mike Klopp’s Maico 700 Snowbike Rippin’

Pushing nearly 100 horsepower, Mike Klopp's Maico Timbersled is likely the most powerful in our neighbourhood!

Maico 700cc Timbersled “The Beast” Unleashed

Mike Klopp has hit the mountains on his new Maico 700cc 2 Stroke, and first impressions are solid, to say the least. While he has...

Maico 700cc Timbersled

Mike Klopp is the guy with the plan. He's taking the biggest 2 stoke available, then matching it with a Timbersled. This is not an...