Tag: Safety

S07E19 – Snowbike Sunshine, Exploring New Areas, and Dead Battery!

It's sunny - OMG! Big stuck. Dead bike. Another bomber day!

S07E18 – Snowbiking in Amazing Trees, Safety SMRT Tips, and a...

Great day, enlightening close call. We've added in a few "Safety SMRT" tips as things came up during the day. As I like to say...

S07E15 – Bomber Day Snowbiking in Deep Snow and Sunshine

We have been given great snow all year, but no sunshine - until today that is!

S07E14 – Snowbike Throwdown Turns with Robin!

Big snowbike day! Noob graduation, steep side hills, and a busted bike. Come on. It was AWESOME!

S07E11 – Snowbiking Revelstoke BC!

This adventure is "Content Rich"!

S07E04 – Bars Deep Snowbiking – Too Much Snow?

Perhaps too much snow? I don't know, and that is a controversial thing to say!

S06E16 – When Your Snowbike Breaks Down in the Woods!

Trevor McKee comes out for his first snowbike ride. Scott has an electrical problem that results in a big snowbike towing adventure. Be prepared! Filmed...

S06E15 – Sunny Snowbike Carving, Drops, Donut School, and Kenwood Radios

Best day of 2019 so far! Filmed Sunday March 3, 2019

S06E14 – Low Light Safety & Learning to Snowbike

"The Brent" joins us for another day of snowbike exploration as a noob, and we revisit the site of last week's air ambulance extraction...

S05E13 – Saws & Chest Armour

Here's a quick video where we see the importance of carrying a saw, and wearing chest armour.