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S06E15 – Sunny Snowbike Carving, Drops, Donut School, and Kenwood Radios

Best day of 2019 so far! Filmed Sunday March 3, 2019

S06E14 – Low Light Safety & Learning to Snowbike

"The Brent" joins us for another day of snowbike exploration as a noob, and we revisit the site of last week's air ambulance extraction...

The 2019 Snowbike Gathering

The 3rd annual Snowbike Gathering is now complete! Here is a short video to tell part of the story. The feedback that we get from...

S06E13 – Beginner vs. Advanced Snowbikes, Deep Powder, Noob Graduates, and...

Another BOMBER day of biking with a NOOB! Snowbiking is a lot of fun, and easy to learn, especially if you are already a...

S06E12 – The Ideal Snowbike for Beginners, Some of Our Favorite...

What is an ideal snowbike for beginners? We've tested a lot of them, and this is what we keep in our stable for our...

S06E11 – Nelson Mountain Checkpoints for Snowbike Gathering

Scott & Andrew face unusually cold conditions to get the checkpoint markers and GPS points properly established for The Snowbike Gathering 2019. We also (finally)...

Official Website Launch – The Snowbike Gathering

We've built a new website for the snowbike gathering - it's that big of a deal. Take a look at www.TheSnowbikeGathering.com!

9 Action Cameras – Vernon Snow Bike Day 2016

Check out this short video which was created entirely through submitted personal video recorder footage.

Sled Gimps S03E06 Feature Presentation – Vernon Snow Bike Day 2016

About 50 snow bikers from across Western Canada turned out for our first ever Vernon Snow Bike day on January 30, 2016.

2016 Vernon Snow MX Day Sponsors

A pile of local businesses helped us pull of this event. Many thanks for your contributions. Yeti Snow MX (Link) Event Sponsor and Featured Draw...



Shop Talk Episode 02


S06E04 – This is Snowbiking!


The 2019 Snowbike Gathering