The 2019 Snowbike Gathering


The 3rd annual Snowbike Gathering is now complete! Here is a short video to tell part of the story.

The feedback that we get from participants adds more fuel to the fire each year. We love you guys! We’ll BC’ing you again in 2020!

In planning this event, we contacted potential sponsors. We were not looking for money, but we did ask them for a schwack of goodies that we could give away to the people to attend the event. Oh, and they delivered! We had about 300 pieces of swag to give away to roughly 60 people. Our sponsors are amazing! Take a look at some of these swell companies on our event website and consider supporting them when you need to buy stuff.

Special Notes: Many thanks to Vernon Search & Rescue for looking after our guy. Your service is sincerely appreciated. Thank you.

~ The Vernon Snow MX Team – AKA DATS Productions


  1. Looks like a great time. Lots of powder and a sunny ending to the day. Wow, sad that I missed it.
    Congratulations to the team for another successful event.