Timbersled vs Yeti E01 ~ On The Trail


Vernon Snow MX takes on the challenge of comparing two otherwise identical bikes (2017 Husky FC 450s). One with a Timbersled LT LE, the other with a Yeti Snow MX LT LE.

In this episode, it’s all about on the trail performance. Future episodes will cover in the trees, deep powder, hill climbing, and other topics.

Most of the parts that are on these bikes are from www.TheSnowbikeShop.com.


  1. Hi Guys
    Thanks for doing this. I have a Yeti 129 and am loving it, I agree with your Yeti analysis, the belt drive gets the power to the snow and the ski is great. I felt like the bike was ski heavy and I was not in the most ergonomicly comfortable position, I was reluctant to make changer as I did not want to loose anything with the ski. I had some changes made, the ski is just as good, am using way less energy and more comfortable.
    Looking forward to the next instalment.