S05E08 – Official Weigh In & Camso Initial Impressions


Three identical bikes with different tracks get properly weighed. The difference are sizable! We also share some initial impressions of the Camso 19 DTS.


  1. Hi Guys,
    Love the content. Nice balance of on bike footage, and indoor discussions as well as the honest, unbiased reviews and opinions. Nice to have an easy going yet somewhat mature and professional feel to the content instead of just some kids ranting away. I’m wondering if you can help me out…might even be worth doing a segment some day if you have a chance….I’m planning to buy a kit (likely a Timbersled) for my EXC500 and wondering if you’ve had a chance to try out the shorter Timbersled 120 kit? I know it makes sense for everyone out West to have 129 and 137 kits but I’m back in Ontario where we don’t have the mountains and generally don’t have the deep powder so I’m thinking I could likely get away with just the 120 but I’m also thinking I’d like to make the odd trip out West for a week of mountain riding. (we have a couple of companies here that will ship your bike and gear out and back and you fly out to meet it which we’ve done for summer dirtbiking in Moab and Colorado) Anyway, just wondering if the 120 kit will still work in the mountains or do you really need the longer track? Any other thoughts one way or the other would be appreciated. Keep up the great work! Thanks, Trevor

    • Hello Trevor! Thanks for the notes!

      Andrew and I rode TS 120s for our first two years, same places as where we ride now. We got around just fine. The LT is nice to have sometimes, but most days you can adapt to a short track if the snow is crazy deep. I do, however, feel that a 129 is the ideal length. Others in our circle of friends share this opinion. We figure the whole industry could do very well just focusing on the one length.

      We got to ride with two dudes from Kamloops on the tail end of The Snowbike Gathering day. They both had short tracks, and they did just fine and did not hold us back in any way.

      Based on what you have shared, I think you have found your kit, unless you find a sweet deal on a yeti 129 😛